Bringing the creative community together with an annual week-long series of events (well, usually) since 2009.

PHXDW is the largest event for creative professionals in Arizona, built for creative professionals and hosted by the nonprofit organization, AIGA Arizona. Each year, hundreds of designers, writers, photographers, makers, and other creative professionals gather to share their skills and rub shoulders with leaders in the industry. It’ll also leave you with a heavy dose of inspiration to re-energize your work.

We know you’re all totally over these virtual event settings, we get it–we are too. That’s why we are packing all the fun, excitement, inspiration, and community into one virtual Phoenix Design Week (*end). All-access passes* are available again, but this year, we’re offering them fully donation-based. Even better, if you can’t make any of the weekend’s events as scheduled, recordings will be available to you to catch at a later time.

why attend

Why attend?

The fun, inspiration, and learning doesn’t stop with PHXDW events consisting of virtual meetups, workshops, talks, held by individual artists, creative companies, and organizations that serve the community.

This year’s events will offer the chance to learn from local professionals and design leaders, explore ways to make a difference, pay attention to your mental health, and see firsthand what’s coming next in the industry.

SANS: A very fitting theme

Phoenix Design Week has always delivered to its design community: amazing speakers; impressive venues; polished production; swanky events. But if we stripped that all away—if we were sans all the bells and whistles—would there be anything left?

YES. We would have a community that truly makes Design Week worth having. The community that built Phoenix Design Week from the ground up 13 years ago and gave it a life that survives and thrives beyond a single week and four walls.

This year we celebrate the “without”, as it’s shown us our strength within. It’s in the season of sans that we cordially invite our design community to be the serif, the color, the texture, the dimension, the __________ that brings this event to life.

Our Story

Phoenix Design Week was a grassroots effort created by designer Mark Dudlik in 2009. His passionate open letter to the community gained immediate interest and support, which led to the first large-scale effort in Arizona showcasing all the visual design disciplines in one local event.

Since then, Phoenix Design Week has grown to become the premier annual event presented by AIGA Arizona for our state’s creative community. See the story.

our story

*All events hosted by AIGA Arizona will be included in the all-access pass and listed accordingly on the official PHXDW (*end) event schedule. Other PHXDW (*end) and community partner events may or may not be included in the listed all-access pass and may require an additional fee by event hosts. Please make sure to check the official schedule on the Phoenix Design Week (*end) website. These events are subject to the host's platform preference, may not take place on Crowdcast, may have an additional fee, and will require separate registration.