Breakout Session 3

10:50 am

Breakout Rooms
100 N 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Breakout Session 3

Choose a session from one of six tracks:

Room 132C — Adobe
Rick Burress
“Tips & Tricks—A Wonderland of Mind-Blowing Gems from an Expert”
Rick’s mantra: “5 minutes or less or you’re working too hard” will be on graphic display in this, his most popular workshop. Learn incredibly practical, applicable techniques you’ll use weekly, if not daily. This breakout hits all the peaks—Photoshop, Color Management, OS efficiencies, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Bridge, Photography, Composition, Branding—and will leave you saying “I could have used that yesterday!”

Room 132B — Business of Design
Ilise Benun
“How to Create Bat-Signal Content to Attract Your Dream Clients”
Content marketing is, hands down, the most effective marketing tool if you want to attract your dream clients — the ones who are pre-qualified and vetted by the time you have your first conversation. In this special breakout presentation, keynote speaker Ilise Benun will show you how to strategically map out a content plan designed to get better clients with bigger budgets.

Room 132A — UX & Design Thinking
John Huber
“Design Systems: Designing Digital Products at Scale”
Delivering consistent experiences across digital channels is crucial to presenting your message and maintaining trust with people who interact with your brand or organization. John will share what goes into creating and maintaining a design system. Learn how a lean, in-house design team, in a large organization can design and maintain enterprise-level digital products, built to evolve.

Room 131C — Diversity & Inclusion
Margaret Sullivan
Discovering Clarity: Beauty Packaging Design and Low Vision
Beauty packaging design often consists of small text, low contrast and little to no texture. These design standards make navigating packaging design difficult for users, especially users with low to no vision. Through discoveries from my research, this presentation offers proposed solutions  to alleviate challenges the visually impaired community faces with beauty packaging design. 

Room 131B — Creative Collaboration
Patricia Murphey
“See Hear Feel: Conceptualizing a Mindfulness Book for Children”
See, Hear, Feel is a guide for young children and their caregivers on how to practice mindfulness in their daily lives. I’ll be sharing the story behind the three women responsible for the creation of this book, our evolving roles, our creative process, publishing process, and our mindfulness practice.

Room 131A — In-House Design
Prescott Perez-Fox
“Win From Within: How to Survive and Thrive as an Internal Creative Team”
Internal creative teams have made strides in recent years, but new struggles have emerged. Join veteran in-house designer Prescott Perez-Fox to hear experiences and insights from internal teams large and small across corporate, consumer, non-profit, education, software, and technology sectors. Audiences will receive practical, actionable ideas for any in-house designer, whether solo generalist or internal agency.