Breakout Session 2

2:10 pm

Breakout Rooms
100 N 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Breakout Session 2

Choose a session from one of six tracks:

Room 132C — Adobe
Brian Wood
“Get it Done Faster: Real-World Productivity Tips
What if you could get as much (or more) done, while also spending more of your time immersed in the creative process you love? Look, I get it—learning new ways to work feels like spending time you don’t have to spare. In this rapid-fire session, you’ll pick up tips that can liberate you from the workflow slowdowns that are costing you precious time and energy. Come ready to soak in new Illustrator and Photoshop tips and tricks—you can thank yourself later.

Room 132B — Business of Design
Ashley Bright
“This is your Chance to Change the World. Don’t F** It Up!”
As design thinking takes hold in all corners of our world, designers can have an impact like never before. A smart design solution could bring about tremendous change to thousands of people. But what if nobody ever gets to see it? The reality is no matter how good the design is, if you can’t get buy-in, your design is dead.

Room 132A — UX & Design Thinking
G. Mauricio Mejía
“Designing (Intentionally) for Behavior Change”
All design products change attitudes and behaviors, with or without designers’ intentions. As design practices and methods expand, designers need better tools and theories to make design decisions. This presentation includes two approaches: one based on cognition and the theory of behavioral economics (nudge) and another based on context and the theory of systems.

Room 131C — Diversity & Inclusion
Christina Carrasquilla
“Increasing Diversity in Tech and Raising the Status of Women”
Collaboration, representation, and access are approaches to increasing diversity and tech and in raising the status of women. This session will present a case study of a 3-day boot camp aimed at creating pathways to STEM careers for high school girls in Samburu, Kenya with Mandela Washington Fellow, Janet Silantoi.

Room 131B — Creative Collaboration
Gabby Shawcross
“How Digital and Physical are Converging”
The Digital and Physical worlds are converging like never before – leveraging digital experience design can help make environments more immersive, connected and intelligent.

Room 131A — In-House Design
Mike Russell
“Standing Up for Creative”
Designers are central to building business and non-profit visual communication strategies. They create a message that speaks to the consumer through technology, experience and advanced skill sets that, along with creative intuition, should never be taken for granted. Stand proudly for what you do and let your employers know your value.