Scott Biersack


Scott Biersack is a full-time freelance designer, illustrator and type designer. His work takes on whatever form is necessary to solve the problem at hand and has drawn stuff for clients like Adobe, Buzzfeed, Facebook, Netflix, Target and more. 



Get to know Scott

Tell us about a project or accomplishments from the past 10 years that had a major impact on your life or career.
Going through the Type@Cooper program and the TypeParis program have been life-changing for me. There’s nothing better than doing something you love surrounded by like-minded individuals.

What is your favorite color, and why?
It must be the type designer in me that wants to say black and white to create the perfect balance of positive and negative space

What keeps you going when you’re focused on a project? Is there a particular saying or song that gets you moving?
Any kind of heavy metal music keeps me jammin’! Right now, blasting the Architects is where it’s at.

What design or career advice would you give to your younger self?
Don’t rush your career — you’ve got your whole life to shape and mold it into what you want. Take your sweet sweet time.

If you were given the opportunity to see into the future, what would you want to know?
Do we ever reverse the effects of man-made global warming? I SURE HOPE SO.

If you hadn’t ended up in the career you are in, what do you think you’d be doing?
I would have probably tried my hand at improv, because why the hell not

 See Scott in the Young Designers breakout panel “(Not So) Starving Artist” on Sunday, October 13 at the PHXDW Evolve Design Conference.