Miles McDermott

Art Director, Moses Inc.

Miles is an Art Director at Moses Inc. and leads several miniature ventures on the side. His skill set includes graphic design, animation, brand strategy, photography, videography, web design, interior design, furniture design, textile design, fashion design and scratching a dog’s belly in just the right way so its leg starts kicking. 


Get to know Miles

Tell us about a project or accomplishments from the past 10 years that had a major impact on your life or career.
The first freelance project I had out of school was helping an agency rebrand Downtown Tempe. If I blew this project, I would spend the rest of my career as “The guy who fricked up Downtown Tempe” so I worked diligently to make sure the project turned out well, and I ended up getting offered a job at that agency.

What is your favorite color, and why?
It’s a solid tie between #000000 and #FFFFFF. Those dudes can hang out with anyone.

What keeps you going when you’re focused on a project? Is there a particular saying or song that gets you moving?
Uncontrollably tapping my feet or sitting in a seemingly uncomfortable position in my chair.

What’s your superpower, or one you wish you had?
I’ve spread myself extremely thin by learning so many different realms of design. But I would argue that a huge crepe is better than a fluffy pancake.

What design or career advice would you give to your younger self?
Work on your handwriting, you illegible little shit.

If you were given the opportunity to see into the future, what would you want to know?
Is America doin’ okay? Are we doin’ okay?

How do you think design impacts your everyday life? The community?
Every tiny little aspect of our lives contains design, and every tiny little aspect of it is intentional.

If you hadn’t ended up in the career you are in, what do you think you’d be doing?
Well then I’d be doing a million things minus one.

 See Miles in the Young Designers breakout panel “(Not So) Starving Artist” on Sunday, October 13 at the PHXDW Evolve Design Conference.