Bringing the creative community together with an annual week-long series of events since 2009.

PHXDW is the largest event for creative professionals in Arizona, built for creative professionals and hosted by the nonprofit organization, AIGA Arizona. Each year, hundreds of designers, writers, photographers, makers, and other creative professionals gather to share their skills and rub shoulders with leaders in the industry. It’ll also leave you with a heavy dose of inspiration to re-energize your work.


Why attend?

The fun, inspiration, and learning don’t stop with PHXDW events consisting of virtual meetups, workshops, talks, and properly social distanced gatherings held by individual artists, creative companies, and organizations that serve the community in some way.

This year’s Fuse events will offer the chance to learn from local professionals and design leaders, explore ways to make a difference, pay attention to your mental health, and see first­hand what’s coming next in the industry.

This year, we FUSE

Design is what happens when the left and right brains fuse. It’s being able to pivot and develop creative solutions during times of change. It’s the intangible melding of technical skill and emotional resonance, building creative that’s ripe with polarity, nuance, and depth. It’s the balancing act of subscribing to methodic reason, yet having the ability to throw it all out the window based on a gut feeling. It’s knowing that technology can take our creations to new heights, but that our instincts are what will truly make it stick.


Our Story

Phoenix Design Week was a grassroots effort created by designer Mark Dudlik in 2009. His passionate open letter to the community gained immediate interest and support, which led to the first large-scale effort in Arizona showcasing all the visual design disciplines in one local event.

Since then, Phoenix Design Week has grown to become the premier annual event presented by AIGA Arizona for our state’s creative community. See the story.

Hey, isn’t there usually a big conference?

In the wake of uncertainty, the 2020 PHXDW crew decided to pivot and cancel the notable 2-day conference that has become the premier event of the week. But fear not, friends. The week of events will be every bit the creative rejuvenation Arizona has grown to crave. And the conference will return bigger and better in the years to come.


In the meantime, we’re bringing you the first-ever all-access pass with costs starting at $25, which will grant you admittance to every PHXDW all week long*. Even better? If you can’t make any of the events as scheduled, video will be available to you to catch at a later time.

* All events hosted by AIGA Arizona and participating community partners will be included in the all-access pass and listed accordingly on the official PHXDW event schedule, HOWEVER, because some events may have attendance limits according to the preference of the host(s), you may not be able to register for the live presentation of every PHXDW event. If any listed all-access event becomes unavailable to attend live, you may be able to access the event recordings at a future date at the host’s discretion, or we may organize additional sessions. Other PHXDW events not included in the listed all-access schedule may require an additional fee by event hosts and therefore will not be included in the all-access pass. These events are subject to the host's platform preference, may not take place on Crowdcast, and will require separate registration.