The Evolution of PHXDW

The PHXDW Conference

The PHXDW Conference is the main event during Phoenix Design Week. It’s a two-day conference organized by community volunteers for fellow designers, illustrators, writers and UX professionals. It brings together world-class speakers and local experts for two full days of actionable insights, hands-on education and fire-fueling inspiration.

This Year’s Theme

We do not stand still. We change. We grow. We adapt. And we embrace the ever-morphing craft of design. We learn. We experience. We experiment. And we never stop moving forward. We participate. We support. We engage. And we contribute to our bold and diverse design community. We evolve. We evolve together. Join the evolution at PHXDW.


How It Began

Phoenix Design Week was a grassroots effort created in 2009 by designer Mark Dudlik. His passionate open letter to the community gained immediate interest and support, which led to the first large-scale effort showcasing all the visual design disciplines in one local event. For five years, Phoenix Design Week was run by Lost Creature with assistance from AIGA Arizona. In 2014, AIGA AZ assumed responsibility for organizing the event, with AIGA AZ and Lost Creature board members providing support and advice.

Previous Speakers

Alex Center, Coca-Cola

Altay Sendil, Pinterest

Alicia Eggert, Bowdoin College

Antoinette Carol

Bianca Giaever

Bobby Martin, Original Champions of Design

Brian Singer, Facebook

Cheryl Heller

Danny Yount

Debbie Millman, Sterling Brands

Eddie Opara, Pentagram

Hillman Curtis

Jacinda Walker

James Archer, Infusionsoft

James Victore

James White

Jared Spool, UIE

Jennifer Hom, Google

Jennifer Kinon, Original Champions of Design

Jenny Lam, Amazon

Jessica Walsh, SagmeisterWalsh

Josh Higgins, Facebook

Justin Ahrens

Kate Bingaman-Burt

Kelly Stevens, Whole Foods

Kenneth Fitzgerald

Lotta Niemenan

Mikey Burton

Paul Sahre

PJ McCormick, Amazon

Rich Roat, House Industires

Sam Harrison

Von Glitschka

Yomar Agusto