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Invest in your future career at Method + Madness

Hi there! We’re your friendly local design community. Nice to meet you. Each year, students like you take part in the Method + Madness Conference and Phoenix Design Week. We work hard to make sure it’s not only wildly useful for professionals already waist­-deep in the industry, but also an amazing experience for those who are preparing to launch their creative careers.

We think attending Method + Madness is a fantastic investment in your future, and frankly wish something like this had been around when we were in school. Here are some of the top reasons students join us year after year.

1. You’ll make friends with people who are a few steps ahead of you.

Let’s get the big one out of the way, shall we? Any professional will tell you that the connections you make can play a huge role in getting your first gig out of college. Conferences are the perfect environment for connecting with a lot of people in your industry, fast.

At Method + Madness, we place a huge focus on providing opportunities to meet and mingle with both the speakers and other attendees. Meeting fellow designers and creative professionals is simply one of the best parts of being in this crazy industry.

2. You’ll encounter far more ideas than you ever will in class.

For most people, college is awesome. But it’s also insulated. Want to know what it’s like to actually do the job you’re preparing for? Interact with those who are doing it.

At the conference, you’ll learn directly from nationally acclaimed designers. Not only will you be challenged with new ways of thinking about your craft, you’ll get some hands-­on experience as well in the breakout sessions.

3. You’ll get plugged into the largest professional design organization in the world.

Phoenix Design Week and the Method + Madness Conference are put on by AIGA Arizona, the local chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design. AIGA is an organization with chapters around the nation, dedicated solely to advancing design as a craft and as a cultural force. It’s the place to go for community, inspiration, and professional resources you won’t find anywhere else. While PHXDW is our big celebration, we have events throughout the year. Getting involved with these events and even volunteering with our organization is an easy way to connect with board members, fast-­track your connection to the larger design community, and make some amazing friendships along the way. Learn more about AIGA AZ membership here.

4. It’s actually affordable.

As far as conferences go, a single two-day ticket might cost you as much as a few semester-long classes. But Method + Madness is a non­-profit endeavor, which means we do everything we can to keep it as affordable as possible. Student tickets are heavily discounted, and it’s even cheaper if you’re a member of AIGA (we also offer a select number of student scholarships). To put it simply, tickets are ridiculously cheap for a conference of this caliber, and as a student, the experience is definitely worth the money.

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