About Phoenix Design Week

Phoenix Design Week is the premier annual event presented by AIGA Arizona to showcase the Arizona graphic design community. Each year, it’s attended by designers, advertising agencies, students, illustrators, writers, digital designers, marketers and more.

Method + Madness

The Method + Madness Conference is the main event during Phoenix Design Week. Taking place over two days, M+M brings together world­-class speakers and local experts for two full days of actionable insights, hands-­on education, and career­-fueling inspiration.

Phoenix Design Week continues for the entire week following Method + Madness with a series of locally hosted events, gatherings, tours and workshops throughout the metropolitan Phoenix area, often with concurrent events being presented in Tucson and Flagstaff. See the schedule here.

How it began

Early in 2009, designer Mark Dudlik penned a passionate open letter to the creative community, urging designers to stand up and be recognized, thereby helping to elevate the profile of Phoenix as a vibrant and viable city. A number of community design leaders, including the board of AIGA Arizona, recognized the potential for these ideas to “bring together the best creative and industrious parts of this city and showcase them.” Their combined efforts led to the first large­-scale effort to unite the visual design disciplines in one local event: Phoenix Design Week.

For the next five years, Phoenix Design Week was primarily managed by Mark Dudlik, under the auspices of his non-profit, Lost Creature, with continuing assistance from AIGA Arizona. In 2014, AIGA AZ assumed ownership of PHXDW and now organizes and operates the event as a service to the Arizona design community. Read more about AIGA AZ’s mission here.

What began as a grassroots effort has grown into the community bedrock that Phoenix Design Week is today, with high attendance and visibility, prominent speakers, and outstanding support from our sponsors and community partners. Current and past supporters of Phoenix Design Week have included educational institutions such as Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, the Art Institute of Phoenix, and Sessions College, as well as prominent local and national corporations such as GoDaddy, General Dynamics, Adobe, and InVision.

All conference speakers, volunteer event organizers and sponsors donate their time, talents, and resources because they share a fervent belief in the viability of our design community, and the value of design in business. Phoenix Design Week serves as a hub for idea­ sharing and as a beacon to the designers of the future.

Past Method + Madness speakers

  • Altay Sendil, Pinterest
  • Armin Vit, Under Consideration
  • Alex Medina, Reach Records
  • Alicia Eggert, Bowdoin College
  • Ashleigh Axios, The White House
  • Becky Simpson
  • Brian Singer, Facebook
  • Bobby Martin, Original Champions of Design
  • Danny Yount
  • Debbie Millman, Sterling Brands
  • Eddie Opara, Pentagram
  • Heidi Meredith & Renée Walker
  • Hillman Curtis
  • Jacqui Oakley
  • James Victore
  • James White
  • Jared Spool, UIE
  • Jennifer Hom, Google
  • Jennifer Kinon, Origin Champions of Design
  • Jessica Walsh, SagmeisterWalsh
  • Josh Higgins, Facebook
  • Juan Carlos Pagan, Deutsch NY
  • Justin Ahrens, Rule 29
  • Kate Bingaman­Burt
  • Kelly Stevens, Whole Foods
  • Kenneth Fitzgerald
  • Lotta Niemenan
  • Mikey Burton
  • Paul Sahre
  • PJ McCormick, Amazon
  • Rich Roat, House Industries
  • Sam Harrison, Zing Zone
  • Stefan Bucher, 344 Loves You
  • Stewart Scott­Curran, Creative Live
  • Todd Berger & Lucian Föhr
  • Von Glitschka
  • Yomar Agusto
  • Bianca Giaever

Meet the team

These are the volunteers who have given their time and talents to put together this year’s Phoenix Design Week.

  • Liz Magura, AIGA AZ President and PHXDW Director
  • Kyle Larkin, AIGA AZ Vice President
  • Brittany Baker, AIGA AZ Programming Director
  • Amy Robinson, Project Management and Volunteer Coordination
  • Danielle Knotts, Sponsorship Director
  • Jim Nissen, Facilities Director and Sponsorship Support
  • Leah Newsom, Events Coordinator
  • Lisa Altomare, Communications Support
  • Rebekah Cancino, Speaker Communications Coordinator
  • Kathy Morgan, Finance Director
  • Melissa Balkon, Creative Director
  • Tara Anderson, Design Support
  • Allison Perlis, Design Support
  • Jessie Gould, Copywriting
  • Matt Adams, Web Director
  • Eric Stout, Web Developer

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The Method + Madness Conference is a solid investment in your design career.

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